People who have won the lottery more than once

We all dream of winning the lottery, but believe it or not, many people have won the lottery several times. There are actually people who win on a regular basis!

James Bozeman: Switching it up

Changing your numbers after a big win seems to be the norm, and that is what James Bozeman did after his big win of $10 million from the Florida Lottery.

A year later he won, again! All this with his new set of lucky numbers. This time, he won another $3 million from another lottery ticket bought at the same 7-Eleven. Is he lucky? Is that 7-Eleven lucky? Or are his numbers just lucky? If you can figure this out, let us know!

Bozeman says he has changed his numbers for the third time and is waiting for his third big win - fingers crossed Bozeman.

People who have won the lottery more than once

Calvin and Zatera Spencer: Three massive wins

In 2014, this couple won a big prize on the US Powerball - $1 million! They were extremely lucky, but their luck was about to get even better.

3 weeks later... you guessed it..., they won 2 more lotteries. This couple tallied 3 lottery wins. The second win was $50 000 (also from US Powerball), and the third was another $1 million jackpot, this time on a scratchcard.

Virginia Fike: Two for one

Fike bought two US Powerball lottery entries but did not watch the live draw resultsThis resulted in her not checking her tickets. She then heard that there were two $1 million winners in her area. She finally decided to check her ticket numbers to see if she was a winner. She was shocked to find out that she was both winners! Each entry earned her a $1 million prize.

Ernest Pullen: The happiest man

In 2010, Ernest Pullen won $1 million from a very lucky scratchcard. Even though he was now a millionaire, he didn't let the winnings change him. He continued to work at his desk job, even though he was approaching retirement and had all the money he needed to retire in style.

He also went on to continue playing the lottery and buying more scratchcards… just a year later he won another $2 million.

People who have won the lottery more than once

Joan Ginther: Professional lottery player

Joan Ginther is said to be a "professional" lottery player. She spends enormous amounts of money on buying lottery entries and then invests a large portion of her profits in acquiring even more.

She won $5.3 million from the Texas Lottery in 1993, and it started her career. It was soon followed by a $2 million win and a $3 million win in 2006, and 2008 respectively. That was then followed by a $10 million victory in 2010.

Some estimates suggest she bought more than 100 000 entries to win these lotteries, but even if she did, she would still have come out with a significant profit. Professional players like Joan usually start when they get a big win and then get 'lottery fever'. After this, they continuously invest a percentage of their winnings in buying more entries.

With so many people repeatedly winning millions - there’s no better to buy your entries. Who knows, you could be next!

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