Make Hassle-Free Deposits with "Vouchers by Visa"

We are always on the lookout to make your experience with us easier and more convenient, and our latest endeavour, a brand new payment method, does just that. Lotto247 has recently added Secure Vouchers by Visa as a payment option for you and you can learn all about it in this article.

Here we will answer a few questions that you might have about this new method, as well as give you a step-by-step guide on how to deposit using Secure Vouchers by Visa.

Secure Vouchers by Visa Description

This new deposit method works using a standard Visa debit card or credit card that is One Time Pin (OTP) enabled. In order to find out if your Visa debit card or credit card is One Time Pin enabled, you can contact your bank that issued your Visa card to you, however, due to the popularity of using a One Time Pin as a safety method online, most - if not all- Visa cards have this feature available and activated.

Make Hassle-Free Deposits with

How Secure Vouchers by Visa works

Secure Vouchers by Visa works similarly to making a normal deposit using a Visa card. There are just a few minor differences. One of the differences is that instead of processing the Visa deposit through an external payment gateway, the deposit is processed directly through Visa by means of buying a “virtual voucher” that is instantly converted to a deposit. This “virtual voucher” is completely processed on the backend and isn’t actually presented to you, but is instantly processed by our system and converted into credits on your gaming account.

Is it safe?

Of course, it is safe! This is a Visa approved and facilitated transaction. Lotto247 would never add a payment method for you to use that wasn’t properly vetted, tested, secured and authorised. Your safety and security is always our utmost priority and we are always updating our SSL certificates and safety measures to make sure that ALL transactions on our site are 100% safe.

Make Hassle-Free Deposits with

Step by Step Guide

  • Log in to your Lotto247 account or sign up now!
  • On the deposit page, select “Credit Card” then select “Secured Vouchers by
  • Visa”.
  • Complete your deposit amount, name, address and email address. Accept our ‘Terms and Conditions’ and “Complete Purchase”.
  • Complete your Visa credit/debit card details and select “Pay”.
  • You’ll now be Verified by Visa by entering your One-Time Pin (OTP). Which you’ll receive via SMS or email.
  • After a successful deposit, you’ll receive your receipt and you’ll be all set to start playing!

I still have questions!

If you still have questions about how to use our new Secured Vouchers by Visa method, feel free to contact our support team through live chat or email.

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