Tips From a Multiple-Time Lottery Winner

Richard Lustig has managed to win the lottery a total amount of seven times. Unlike other lottery winners, he swears that it isn’t just luck but that he has the game figured out. He has recently released a book called, ‘Learn How to Increase Your Chances of Winning the Lottery’ which he says will teach others to have the same success as he has.

Before you run out and buy the book, why not judge his top 4 “Lottery DON’Ts” for yourself first.

1. Don’t believe in luck

Tips From a Multiple-Time Lottery Winner

As we have said before, Richard Lustig is sure that his multiple winnings have nothing to do with luck. He says that instead of relying on luck (which he thinks doesn’t exist), you should focus on becoming informed and learning all the ins and outs of lottery before you play. This is the only way to ensure that you have a good understanding of how to play and why you need to play in certain ways.

2. Don’t ever use the quick-pick option

Quick picks are the randomly generated numbers that you can get for your lottery entry from any online lottery retailer or brick and mortar shop. Richard Lustig says that choosing the numbers are an art form and that you shouldn’t let the computer decide for you. Although thousands of people have won jackpots using quick pick options, he likes to remind people that millions more have lost using them.

3. Don’t use birthdays to pick your numbers

Tips From a Multiple-Time Lottery Winner

Most people, especially casual lottery players, use the birthdays of friends and loved ones as their lucky numbers for their lotto entries. Richard Lustig says that this is a huge mistake. He says that by limiting yourself to picking dates as numbers, you are actually decreasing your chances of winning. This is because you will only be choosing numbers between 1 and 31 where most lotteries allow you to choose numbers up to 69 or even higher. By limiting yourself to only going up to 31, you are eliminating over half of the available numbers to pick. He says that the best way to pick your numbers is to make sure you choose a number within every 10 digits or so.

4. Don’t change your numbers

After you have chosen a combination of numbers, make sure that you stick to them. Richard Lustig is sure that your odds go up every time that you play a certain combination and it doesn’t win. He says that the more your specific number combination loses in the lottery, the better your chances of that same combination winning in the lottery eventually.

What do you think of his tips? We aren’t sure if they actually work, but we guess there is no harm in trying. Let us know in the comments below if you would ever consider using any of them.

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