Fun Facts About the Lottery & Lottery Online

The lottery has been around for hundreds, if not thousands, of years. It gained popularity in recent years due to the online lottery boom that makes lotteries from different countries accessible to people all over the world. No matter how much technology progresses though, certain facts will always stay true for both the lottery and the lottery online.

Here are some fun facts about the lottery:

Voltaire ran a lottery syndicate

The famous French writer, Voltaire, devised a plan to win the lottery in its early days. He teamed up with notable mathematician, Charles Marie de La Condamine, and found a loophole in the French Lottery. The loophole was that the payouts from the lottery each month were actually greater than the cost of all of the tickets available in circulation.

Fun Facts About the Lottery & Lottery Online

This prompted Voltaire and La Condamine to start a lottery syndicate (with a few other players) where they repeatedly purchased almost all of the available lottery tickets at the time and took home most of the winnings. The profit for Voltaire personally from this scheme was over half a million francs (a couple of hundred million in today’s money).

Luckily a scam like this wouldn’t be possible with modern lottery and lottery online, but it is very interesting to know that at one point this was possible and that a famous author discovered the flaw.

There was 110 tier 2 prize winners with US Powerball

Comically referred to now as “the fortune cookie payout”, the March 30th US Powerball draw of 2005 awarded a $19.4 million prize to 110 tier 2 winners to split equally. 89 of the 110 winners received $100 000 each, and 21 of the winners received $500 000 each (they had ‘Power Play’ additional selections).

Fun Facts About the Lottery & Lottery Online

The reason so many people got the tier 2 prize? They had all eaten chinese food that week and had decided to enter the lottery with the numbers they received in their fortune cookie - which just happened to be 5 of the 6 US Powerball numbers drawn!

Keno entry as a tip becomes $17,500

A lucky bartender in Oregon, America, received two Keno entries as a tip one night from a patron. When the numbers were drawn a few minutes later, one of the Keno entries was worth a $17 500 win!

Fun Facts About the Lottery & Lottery Online

The patron was still around when the bartender won her lucky jackpot, so she offered to split the winnings. However, the kind patron insisted that the 25 year old bartender keep all the winnings for herself as her tip.

Winning more than once is possible!

Many people have heard about the former maths professor who won the lottery a whopping 4 times! He might know some secret formula perhaps, since he definitely knows a lot about odds, but he insists that he is just lucky. He won $5.4 million the first time, $2 million 10 years later, $3 million another 2 years later, and lastly, $10 million 3 years after that. All together, he has won a total of $20.4 million over 15 years!

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