Best Lottery Adverts on TV

Lottery draws and ceremonies are some of the biggest events that happen live, with millions of players across the globe watching them. With so many eyes on international lottery at all times, it’s no wonder that they think out of the box when it comes to marketing. Every year, more and more lotteries are opening themselves up to international markets through retailers like us, so they have to do something exciting to stand putting out a memorable television advertisement!

In this article, we will be looking at our favourite top 5 best lottery adverts on TV. Keep reading to watch the ads for yourself and find out why we love them so much.

Lottery: US Powerball

Name of Advertisements: Yeah, That Kind of Rich Series (2011 - 2014)

Why We Love It:

These were a series of adverts from US Powerball that played throughout the early 2010’s. Our favourite three tongue in cheek ads of the series are guaranteed to make you chuckle and you can watch them above. Each ad playfully showcases the large amount of money that you could be winning when you play the lottery.

Lottery: Norwegian Lotto

Name of Advertisement: Over the Rainbow (2011)

Why We Love It:

There is nothing better than seeing somebody win the lottery and use it for good. This advert from the Norwegian National Lottery is truly heartwarming and is definitely going to put a smile on your face. Do you think that the old lady made a wise choice regarding what to do with her winnings?

Lottery: New Zealand Powerball

Name of Advertisement: Lotto Dog Series (2011)

Why We Love It:

This is a three-part story about a loyal dog and a winning New Zealand Powerball lottery ticket. You can watch the first part of this advert series above. We love this advert because it truly has, hardship, heartbreak, and a touching ending. We hope to see more of Wilson the dog in future New Zealand Lottery ads!

Lottery: UK National Lottery

Name of Advertisement: #PleaseNotThem featuring James Blunt Series (2016)

Why We Love It:

It is so funny to see a celebrity poke fun at themselves, which is exactly what accomplished singer/songwriter, James Blunt, does in these hilarious adverts. We have put two of our favourites up top for you to watch. We especially love the catchphrase at the end, “Anybody could win the lottery...please don’t let it be him!” which perfectly ties in the whole joke of the advert.

Lottery: El Gordo de Navidad

Name of Advertisement: Justino (2015)

Why We Love It:

Everybody knows that El Gordo de Navidad brings out some of the best ad campaigns ever every year, and El Gordo de Navidad’s 2015 advert was no different. The advert is an animated short film about a kind hearted security guard who tries to bond with his co-workers even though he works the nightshift and rarely sees them. The heartwarming ending is bound to make you tear up...and make you want to purchase an El Gordo de Navidad entry to share with your friends and family right away!

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