The most amazing stories from the lottery

These lottery winner stories prove that dreams really can come true.

Health and wealth in one day


August 2016 was a life-changing month for Sonia Davies (53) of England. She had just flown to Florida for a risky keyhole surgery to remove a tumour on her parathyroid gland. Once she got out of surgery, Davies was so relieved to be alive, she made an impulsive request to her daughter back home to buy tickets for the EuroMillions.

Davies was so elated to have “cheated death,” that she thought that she would see if her luck would extend to playing the lottery.  As it turned out, her luck had not run out. 

Her daughter, Stephanie, bought five Lucky Dip tickets on the night of the EuroMillions draw for herself, her boyfriend, her sister, her stepfather and her mother. The family of six won the EUR67 million jackpot, with each member receiving EUR13.5 million each.

While by no means the largest jackpot ever won on EuroMillions, it was one that certainly changed the lives of a family that needed it.


Football fairy tale comes true


Les Scadding of Wales became a millionaire in 2009 when he won EUR50 million. A lifelong football fan, he invested some of his winning money in the Newport County AFC and even became the club’s director from 2012 to 2015. Shortly after becoming investing in the club, the Newport County AFC defeated local Welsh club, Wrexham, in the 2013 Conference Premier play-off Final and thus, were promoted to the Football League after being absent for 25 years. In 2015, Scadding resigned and decided to spend more time in Barbados where he had bought a holiday home.


Sometimes a sign is all you need 


Susan Crossland from the UK who had recently lost her father, came across a white feather while out walking. She took it as a sign he was watching over her and it helped her get over his death. Two years later, Susan came across an identical white feather and, without really knowing why, she decided to play her father’s lottery numbers. In a remarkable feat of luck and fate, Susan won the UK Lottery jackpot of £1,218,618. Staying true to her father’s memory, Susan used a large portion of her winnings to buy a seven-bedroomed home in the country for her family to live in and a family trip to Disneyland in America.



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