Buying lottery tickets online is eco-friendly, get with the program!

Buying lottery entries at a teller or at the shops is outdated and limiting, and is not good for the environment. Keep reading to find out more about why you should switch to buying lottery tickets online instead of at a store to help not only the environment but yourself too!

Harmful Traditional Lottery Buying Effects:

Paper Lottery Entries Waste Resources

Traditional lottery entries are printed on paper which leads to billions of wasted paper resources per year. After the lottery draw, these paper entries are usually discarded and end up in rubbish dumps, as litter, or laying around the house. When you purchase lottery tickets online, you save our precious tree resources by not contributing to paper wastage as everything is done digitally.

Buying lottery tickets online is eco-friendly, get with the program!

Printed Lottery Entries Aren’t Recyclable

In most areas of the world, the paper that lottery entries are printed on have a film-like wax substance on top to prevent tampering. Although this protects the lotteries from fraud, it also stops the entries from being recyclable. There is no way to remove this ‘shiny’ side of the entry which means that the paper will not be allowed to go through mulching at the recycling centre.

Going to the Shops Ruins the Air

This, of course, doesn’t apply to everyone, because if you are walking or riding a bicycle to purchase your lottery entries then you aren’t contributing to global warming...but if you use your car or motorcycle for transport to the shops to purchase lottery entries, then you are releasing unnecessary and harmful CO2 gasses into the air which contribute to global warming. Purchasing lottery tickets online simply requires an internet connection and cell phone or pc, which means that you can purchase your entries 100% guilt-free.

Scratchcards End Up in Rubbish Dumps

Scratchcards that you buy at the corner store, just like most lottery entries, aren’t recyclable. Depending on the brand of scratchcard, these can contain anything from small traces of metal (the scratch part) to wax-like films on top. All of this makes the scratchcards unable to be mulched in recycling which means that billions of these end up in rubbish dumps and landfills yearly.

Services We Offer

Buying lottery tickets online is eco-friendly, get with the program!

If you want to become more eco-friendly, make the switch to exclusively buying scratchcards and lottery tickets online. Lotto247 is dedicated to remaining eco-friendly as well as convenient for you, check out the services that we offer.


We offer over 14 international lotteries including US Powerball, Mega Millions, EuroJackpot, and UK Lottery.


In our scratchcards section, Lotto247 hosts over 10 different virtual scratchcards for you to enjoy. This means you can have fun playing while being environmentally conscious.

Payment Methods

Depending on the country you reside in, we offer a large range of different payment methods for you to use that makes buying your lottery entries or scratch cards online efficient and easy. Create an account and click ‘Deposit’ to view the payment options available to you.

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