What is a lotto-like casino game? KENO is the perfect example!

People love lotteries. The thrill of choosing your own lucky numbers combined with the chance of becoming an instant multimillionaire keeps people coming back week after week. Throw an instant win game into the mix and people stand a chance to win every moment of every day.

Enter KENO.

KENO is a lot like regular lotto, but with one key difference: you can play it at any moment and you don’t have to wait for specific draw days.

What Is KENO?

KENO is a unique, lottery-like game that happens in a series of quick intervals. In KENO, the player chooses a set of numbers and then waits two minutes for the draw to take place. This way players can experience the rush of winning every few minutes!

How Do You Play KENO?

Playing KENO is incredibly straightforward.

The first step is to choose which kind of KENO game you want to play. There are several different KENO games available at Lotto247: KENO 9, KENO 10, KENO 11, and KENO 12.

The number after each version of KENO refers to the number of digits that the player must choose. So, for instance, a player wanting to play KENO 10 would choose ten numbers and then wait to see whether they have matched those numbers in the draw. Similarly, a player playing KENO 12 would choose twelve figures, and so on.

The next step is to choose your numbers. Lotto247 lets you do this in two ways. You can either select your numbers manually if you have a set of lucky numbers, or you can use the quick pick generator. Quick pick automatically selects numbers for you at random.

All that’s left now is for you to hit the “Play Now” button. This button tells the system that you’re ready to enter KENO with your selected numbers. Once you’ve told the network you want to play, it’ll move on to another screen where you’ll let it know how many draws you wish to participate in. Then all you need to do is click confirm, and the system will enter you automatically. After that, the fun begins!

What is a lotto-like casino game? KENO is the perfect example!

What Prizes Can You Win In KENO?

The prizes that you win in KENO depend on the type of KENO that you decide to play.

The jackpot for KENO 9 is €50,000.

The jackpot for KENO 10 is a whopping €250,000

For KENO 11 it’s €750,000

For KENO 12, players shoot for a massive top prize of €1 million.

The great thing about KENO is that you’re only ever a couple of minutes away from a jackpot. With so many draws happening every day, players have many opportunities to win.

How soon will you start playing KENO?

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