Roulette - Have You Played It Yet?

We’ve increased our offerings to include more than top international lotteries. Along with all of these, there are also some fantastic instant win games - like Roulette!

Roulette is a game based on a combination of skill and luck. With some practice - and a deeper understanding of the game - players can enhance their chances of winning. Here are some frequently asked questions that reveal a few Roulette secrets:

What Roulette numbers are hit the most?

There are 36 numbers on a roulette wheel - from 1 to 36. Plus, there’s also the green 0. So, which numbers get hit more than others? It’s almost impossible to correctly predict which number will be hit every time a Roulette wheel spins. However, some players find a few numbers to be luckier than others. The number 17 is in the middle of the wheel, so it can get hit quite frequently. Also, numbers 23 and 24 are prevalent, as is number 7.

Many expert players suggest the best tactic is to bet on five numbers that are close to one another on the wheel. This way, the chances of landing a winning number increase, and players cover themselves if the ball falls one or two spots away.

Roulette - Have You Played It Yet?Roulette - Have You Played It Yet?

What happens when the ball lands on green?

The green number zero is something of a wildcard in Roulette. If a player picks it as a number, then the payout is the same as every other number; 35/1. There are different bets to make as well, including odds/evens, 1st/2nd/3rd 12, red or black, etc. With any of these other bets, the green zero will make a player lose money. As such, many players place a small bet on the green to cover themselves and ensure they don’t lose all of their money!

Are Roulette odds good?

Roulette odds are actually very good - particularly when compared to other online instant win games. It all depends on what bets a player places. If a player were to place one bet on one number, then the odds of winning are 35/1. However, if a player places an outside bet, then the odds decrease.

For example, betting on black gives a player an almost 50/50 chance of success. 18 numbers are black, 18 are red, then there’s the wildcard green. The same odds are there for odds or even bets, along with betting on the first 18 or the last 18. Then, players can bet on 1st/2nd/3rd 12, which presents odds that are close to 3/1. A player can also choose many numbers, which shortens the 35/1 odds in their favour.

So, Roulette can have quite long odds and quite short ones; it depends on the bet in question. Furthermore, the odds are certainly much better than a lot of other instant win games that can be found online. It’s an easy game to play as well; there are plenty of Roulette options on Lotto247 for registered members to enjoy. Players can sign up whenever they want, make a deposit, then play roulette to win big!

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