Lotto247’s year is going great! How about yours?

Lotto247 is having a most exciting 2019! Countless promotions have been run, which has allowed many players to improve their chances of winning and enjoy the incredible lotteries and games on our website. So, it’s time to look back and see all the fantastic promotions and competitions that Lotto247 has already run this year - as well as a peek into what the future holds for new & existing players!

Endless promotions!

Lotto247’s year is going great! How about yours?

Players on Lotto247 have enjoyed a year full of brilliant promotions to help them get more for their money. Many different offers have been on the table, including the following:

  • 50% Cashback On A Single Deposit: players had the chance to get more money from their deposits by receiving 50% back. The more that got deposited, the more bonus money a player got!
  • Buy 1 Entry Get 1 Entry Free: with this promotion, Lotto247 treated lucky players to a bonus entry when they bought one into any draw.
  • Deposit XX Amount Get XX Amount Of Free Entries: here, a player could deposit a sum of money and receive that same sum back in free lottery entries!
  • 30% Discount On Entries: for a limited period, players got the chance to save money when buying entries into the lottery of their choice. With a 30% discount, it meant more entries could be bought for less money.
  • Play And Get A Free Lottery Entry: the simplest of all promotions; play any game, and a player earns one free lottery entry!

Incredible Monaco Grand Prix 2019 raffle

Lotto247’s year is going great! How about yours?

As well as some brilliant promotions, players on Lotto247 got treated to a wonderful competition earlier in the year. Players could purchase raffle tickets through the website that put them into the prize draw on April 26th 2019. The lucky winner got to enjoy the experience of a lifetime at the world-renowned Monaco Grand Prix!

Not only was the winning player given tickets to the event, but they also got all of these perks as well:

  • Return flights to Nice
  • VIP transfer from the airport via helicopter
  • A five-night stay in luxury Monaco accommodation
  • Full daytime hospitality on the day of the race
  • Exceptional viewing platform to watch the race live
  • Invites to extravagant yacht parties on the Friday & Saturday evenings
  • Complimentary evening meals
  • Garage tours of the F1 cars
  • Private meet & greet with F1 legends David Coulthard and Eddie Jordan
  • Q&A with a special guest - a member of one of the F1 teams!
  • Free tickets to the highly acclaimed Amber Lounge Fashion Show

Further promos and competitions are coming soon!

Lotto247 has offered some of the best and most exciting competitions and promotions this year. The good news is, more are on the horizon! New promotions are introduced regularly, and players should always lookout for a cheeky competition.

Players that don’t want to miss out on these future promotions should create an account with Lotto247 today. It only takes a couple of minutes, and then a player is free to enjoy everything on offer.

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