Powerball, the one ball to rule them all...

One of the largest games in the lottery world is Powerball. Millions of people eagerly buy their tickets in the hopes that they can buy into the American experience. They pick their lucky numbers for the draw with the dream of winning a fortune that could change their life. There have been thousands of HUGE winners over the years, and these winners have inspired others to buy new tickets every week. The best bit? Anyone can win no matter who they are or where they live!

Large Jackpots, Big Winners

Powerball jackpots always start at $40 million and players must match five main numbers and one bonus ball on their tickets - the bonus ball known as the Powerball. It’s most exciting for players around the globe because there is no cap on the Powerball games, and the prize money can rise and rise until there is a winner. The highest jackpot to date was in 2016 and stood at an astronomical $1.5 billion!

Powerball, the one ball to rule them all...

American Powerball has been such a huge success that other countries have decided to join in with their very own version of the game. Countries like Australia, New Zealand and South Africa all hold their own Powerball lotteries now.

The Pioneer Powerball

US Powerball is the pioneer game, bigger and more accessible than all the other versions. It’s also been around for many more years - since 1992 - and it’s grown from there. Initially, Powerball was thriving and building for the first four years in America before other countries picked it up. Oz Powerball was begun in 1996, and by 2001, New Zealand then launched their own version of the game. The popularity and prizes of Powerball continued to rise, and South Africa joined the popular lottery game in 2009.

US Powerball remains the biggest contender, with their starting jackpots at $40 million. Oz Powerball is a little more modest at 3 million Australian dollars and New Zealand entering their minimum jackpots at 4 million NZD. South Africa mirrors Oz Powerball with a cool 3 million Rand.

Powerball, the one ball to rule them all...

Powerball fever across the globe is further fuelled by the high payouts and no limits on how much can be won. The highest Oz Powerball payout was not as big as the American one, with 80 million AUD won in 2009. The biggest South African prize so far was 102 million Rand in 2011, and then New Zealand scooped their biggest winner in 2016, with a 44 million NZD prize won.

Global Popularity

There are so many incredibly popular Powerball games now, all thanks to the American experience that people crave. With Lotto 247, you can play US Powerball and Oz Powerball from the comfort of your own home. It doesn't matter where you are in the world; the game is waiting now.

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