Lottery definitions and terms every lottery player should know

Never let another lottery term confuse you ever again! Today we’re breaking everything down so that you can better understand how it all works. Let's take a look at some of the standard terms and lottery definitions used today.


Single numbers from 0-9.


The winning numbers for a game on a specific day: i.e., Saturday draw.


A prize paid out in yearly instalments rather than a lump sum. These are paid over 20-25 years.

Lottery definitions and terms every lottery player should know

Lump Sum Cash Option

Opposed to the annuity, a large lump sum is paid out on winning rather than over the 25 years.


The top prize for a lottery and as they are usually pari-mutuel, if they are not won the first time, they roll over to the next draw.


If a game is not won, the amount will roll over to the next draw, sometimes doubling the jackpot.


A game where players select a group of numbers from a specific pool and if they match those numbers, they win cash. The numbers are chosen randomly, and if all the numbers are matched, the prize is usually the full jackpot.

Quick Pick

A quick pick is a method for online lotteries where a number generator picks random numbers for you.

Lottery definitions and terms every lottery player should know


Any possible way you can combine the numbers. For example, 345 could be 453, 534, 543, 435, 354.

Bonus Ball

The seventh ball in a 6/49 lottery drawn. If you match five numbers and the bonus ball, you get the second-highest prize available.

Group Play

A group of players who come together to share their lines and the subsequent prize should they win it in the end. Sometimes referred to as a pool.

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