The woman who spent all her money on US Powerball tickets!

How much would you spend to increase your chances of winning the lottery? Would you risk it all? Cinnamon Nicole apparently did. She was so desperate to win the $1.6 billion US Powerball jackpot, she spent all the money she had, apparently leaving her family with nothing.

After failing to win and discovering that the winning entries were sold in Los Angeles, Florida, and Tennessee, she set up a Go Fund Me page. On the page, she pleaded for people to donate at least one dollar so that she and her family could pick themselves back up. It’s on this page that she stressed they had exhausted all their funds. She also promised that sympathetic individuals would become her women crush Wednesday and Man crush Monday, whatever this might mean.

The woman who spent all her money on US Powerball tickets…#dontdothis

The Punchline

Of course, this might be understandable and we might be more sympathetic to her cause if it wasn’t for the latter part of her plea. Cinnamon Nicole mentions that her plan, if she receives the money, is to try again. It is this part of the claim which made some suggest that it was either a hoax, a con or trolling. However, we’re not so sure because if you are willing to spend all the money you have on lottery entries one time, there’s a good chance you’ll do it again with someone else's money. Whether you’d broadcast that plan is perhaps another matter.

Was It Successful?

The GoFundMe page was alas, not a success. It topped out at $800. It was at this point that the website actually removed the page completely, perhaps after deciding that it was a hoax after all. They may have also removed it due to the level of negative attention it was receiving. Cinnamon has not been heard of since so it’s still unknown whether she really did spend her life savings on US Powerball entries.

The woman who spent all her money on US Powerball tickets…#dontdothis

Where Did She Go Wrong?

It’s important to be aware that the chances of winning US Powerball are 1 in 292 million. Someone has to win of course, but investing all the money you have may still not provide the odds that you need to make it more likely that you’ll win than lose. As well as this, even if you could tip the odds in your favour by purchasing as many entries as possible, there’s still no guarantee.

The only way to actually guarantee you’ll win is to buy all the combinations. Only a bank or a corporation would be able to do this. After all, there’s more chance of there being multiple winners and if that happens, it’s highly possible that this could result in a loss rather than a profit.

At Lotto24 we encourage responsible playing and are keen to stress that you should never spend more on lottery entries than you can afford.

Now that you know more about playing responsibility, use this knowledge to make the best decisions possible the next time you play US Powerball online.

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