Be a cool boss.. Buy your employees some Lotto tickets

Do you want to claim the title of the best boss in the world? If so, then there’s a really simple option. You can buy lottery tickets for all your employees.

Just think about how cool it would be if you, as an employee, received a lottery ticket from your boss. That’s not the end of the story. What if the lottery ticket they purchased for you was actually the winning ticket?

This might sound incredible or a pipe dream but it’s actually not and here’s why.

The Story Of Shlomo Rechnitz

Shlomo Rechnitz is an American Jewish philanthropist who decided to purchase 18,000 lottery tickets for employees who worked for him at his care homes. Rechnitz owns 80 assisted care homes across the country and the then $1.6 billion US Powerball jackpot made him decide to go big.

Each ticket he purchased also had a friendly message on it. It said that they would provide the ticket and the owner of the ticket could provide the dream. When interviewed, the philanthropist said for the New Year, he wanted to give his workers just a little more hope.

Did It Work?

It seemed that Rechnitz didn’t just give his employees the chance to win the lottery, he actually provided one of them with the winning ticket to claim a share of the $1.5 billion jackpot.

One winning ticket was purchased in a 7-Eleven close to the Park Avenue Healthcare & Wellness Centre in Pomona that Rechnitz owned. Thirty minutes after the numbers had been drawn, her kids called her to tell her to check the numbers.

It was at this point that she found she had claimed the winning amount. According to the manager of the center, the senior nurse didn’t rush home. Instead, the 62-year-old mom of seven kids actually finished her shift which didn’t end until 11:30 pm.

Did It Really Happen?

Interestingly there is some confusion around this story. When contacted by the LA Times, the daughter of the woman claimed her mother had not won the jackpot. She instead labeled it as a misunderstanding around a photo that had been sent directly to the nurse.

At the same time, a spokesman for Park Avenue Healthcare & Wellness Centre claimed that she had won the ticket. In fact, he said that her entire family arrived at the center to congratulate her.

Regardless of whether she did win the ticket, it’s still an incredible gesture by the owner of the centers. As Rechnitz mentioned himself, this wasn’t about someone necessarily winning. While it would be amazing if your boss bought you the winning ticket, he was also giving the gift of hope or indeed the dream of winning.

It is a gift that many employees would love and certainly highlights how valued his team really is.

So is it worth setting up a lottery ticket buying scheme so you can provide tickets as gifts to your employees? Perhaps so and depending on the numbers working in your business, this could be more affordable than you think. It would also certainly bring a lot of loyalty and goodwill from employees in any business.

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