8 Ways to Win the Next Big Lottery Jackpot

Who knows what the lucky numbers will be for the next Powerball draw. Who knows from what corner of the globe the lucky winner or winners will hail from. Only one thing’s for sure… It could be you!

Many of us have the same set of numbers that we play time after time. Others have our own idiosyncratic system for choosing our numbers. If you’re looking to shake things up a little, here are 10 new and exciting ways in which you can choose your next numbers and potentially win the next big lottery jackpot…

Maybe 3 really is the magic number

Before you choose your numbers, keep the number 3 in mind. Why? Because many players match from 1 to 3 numbers when they play. If you match just a few numbers, you could still win a small amount of money. However, some lotteries pay rather well even if you only get three matched numbers in the results. Try your hand with:

  • UK Lotto
  • El Gordo
  • SuperEnalotto
  • Euromillions

All of which have a “3” prize option.

8 Ways to Win the Next Big Lottery Jackpot

You should still avoid “lucky numbers”

3 may be the magic number but remember there are no such things as lucky numbers. If you feel the need to add lucky number 7 to the mix, that’s fine. Don’t add other lucky numbers like 3, 5 and 13 into the mix. The odds are against all these “lucky” numbers being drawn.

Stop using birthdays!

We can get very sentimental about dates, but they can also be very limiting when it comes to picking lottery numbers. After all, you can never go higher than 31 when you choose your numbers this way! Lottery numbers go all the way up to 60.

Go hot and cold

There are often “hot” numbers in any lottery. These are the most commonly drawn numbers and include 22, 11, 9, 40, 58, and 26. There are also least drawn or “cold” numbers which include 1, 66, 15, 46, 17, and 6. If you want to hedge your bets, try using a combination of hot and cold numbers.

Go random

OMG, you’re so random! Or at least your selections are. It’s arguable that a random choice of numbers increases your winning odds. What’s more, by picking a random combination, there’s less of a chance that you’ll be sharing your jackpot with other players who are attached to lucky numbers and dates.

8 Ways to Win the Next Big Lottery Jackpot

Add your numbers up

Fun tip: After you’ve chosen your numbers add them all up. 70% of Powerball jackpot winnings fall within the range of 141 to 240. If your combined total is within this range, the odds are in your favour.

Go all around the form

Don’t choose numbers that occupy the very top, bottom or middle of the form. Hedge your bets by choosing a few from the top, a few from the middle and a few from the bottom. Less than 3% of big wins all come from the top or the bottom.

Phone a friend

Finally, if you’re struggling for inspiration, phone a friend to ask for their suggestions. You’re due a catch-up anyway. Better yet, phone a group of friends and get a syndicate going. You’ll increase your chances of a win as long as you don’t mind sharing.

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