Is There A Lottery To Hike Half Dome And Why?

Lotteries of all shapes and sizes are a staple of modern life. We all want to get rich fast and playing the lottery is the way to do it. Most of us even know what we would do with our millions. This dedicated following is part of the reason over 100 countries now host lotteries, many of which you can enter right here on Lotto 247.

Of course, not all lotteries offer cash prizes, some of them include experiences, the permits to desirable locations like Half Dome.

Is there a lottery to hike the half dome and why?

This iconic granite dome in Yosemite Valley, California is named for its distinct shape and is one of the top tourist hiking hot spots. At 8,800, a hike up this icon takes around 10-12 hours and is guaranteed to be a transformative experience. That’s especially the case when you consider that this monument was formed approximately 65 million years ago when molten rock solidified into granite under the earth. You could say that hiking here is like taking a walk through the history books.

The hike is long, steep, and more dangerous than many Yosemite offerings. Yet, tourists flock here in their thousands because the experience is so spectacular. The day-hike on offer doesn’t take the training or time of more extreme iconic climbs, and yet it can be every bit as spectacular once you reach the top.

Sadly, due to overcrowding back in 2010, rules were put in place which meant that only 300 permit holders were allowed to hike each day. And, alongside this new rule came the Half Dome lottery.

What is the Half Dome lottery?

Is there a lottery to hike the half dome and why?

The Half Dome lottery takes the form of two main draws: the preseason lottery and a daily lottery. To be in with a shot, applicants must enter up to two days before the lottery in question. Before you book your place, though, bear in mind the Half Dome lottery has its downsides. For one, the odds are stacked against you actually getting a place, meaning that you’ll go all that way for nothing. Plus, winning a lottery like this only gains you access to one experience, while a monetary win could buy you many.

Is it better to play another lottery instead?

The answer is simple, yes it is! With so many massive jackpots available on Lotto247 you’re spoilt for choice. The best part? Your win won’t ONLY include a hiking permit, but millions and millions of dollars! That way you can enjoy all the experiences you’ve ever dreamed of.

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