Which Online Lottery Is Best for Me?

When playing an online lottery, you have so many different options to choose from. There’s the legendary Mega Millions, there’s the European SuperEnaLotto, and there’s also the Australian Oz Powerball to play. With so many choices, it’s no wonder that people are resorting to out-of-the-box methods to pick what lottery they should be playing that day.

So to give you some ideas, here are some completely unique ways to test your luck and read the future.

Which Online Lottery Is Best for Me?

Let your smart dog or cat help you choose

Our dogs and cats are more in-tune with the world than we are. While we focus on technology, glued to our smartphones and always watching television, our pets are out there exploring the world, discovering nature and attuning themselves to the ways of the world. If you want your fortune told, then look no further than your trusty pet. Get them to help you choose which international lottery you should play online that day. How, you ask? Let your dog point to something on the screen? Get your cat to eat from numbered bowls? The method is completely up to you.

Close your eyes and feel the energy

Simply load up a list of online lottery choices and then close your eyes. Take a few deep breaths and reach out to your screen. Do you feel the energy? If you’re reading this then probably not. But the point is; you should let your fingers guide themselves to the right choice. Once you feel at peace, soothed and relaxed, open your eyes and see where your fingers are pointing. If you’ve completely missed the mark and you’re pointing at something completely different then just try again.

Which Online Lottery Is Best for Me?

What do you feel like eating right now?

Have you ever felt like you really wanted to eat tacos? Do you simply just crave pizza right now? Or perhaps you’re in the mood for some Brazilian feijoada. Whatever it is, you’ve probably heard the phrase “follow your gut feeling”, so if you ever feel like eating a certain type of cuisine, why not choose that as your online lottery of choice? If you feel like pizza then go for SuperEna Max. Feel like some crème brûlée for dessert? Definitely go with France Loto. See where we’re going with this?

Look for the patterns in your life

The world communicates with us in mysterious ways, so it’s always a good idea to keep your eyes and ears open for when something is about to happen. For example, has the news been talking about America for the whole day? If so, go with Powerball. Has a friend been suggesting that you visit Australia the next time you go on holiday, and has the internet been telling you all about how great it is down under? In that case, go with Australian lotteries like Oz Lotto and Oz Powerball.

So which online lottery is best for you? Use any of these methods and find out. Comment below and tell us which one worked best for you.

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