Hells Angel prison inmate wins the Oz lottery

It’s hard to know what to picture when somebody talks about a lottery winner. People in this position come in different shapes and sizes and from all walks of life.

Despite this, an ex-Hells Angels biker who is serving prison time for smuggling meth into Australia is probably the last character most people will have on their minds. The world is filled with strange things, and it is impossible to predict a lottery winner, but this doesn’t make the story of Reginald Roberts winning the Oz lottery any less intriguing.

Hells Angel prison inmate wins the Oz lottery

Mr. Roberts found himself in jail in February 2018 with charges of drug smuggling against him. Without free access to the internet, phones, or other forms of communication, he was able to get his hands on a lottery ticket, though no one is entirely sure how he did it. Police and jail officers didn’t know about the ticket, only catching wind of the win when a deposit of over $900,00 (AU) hit his bank account. The money was removed very soon afterwards, with police treating the transaction as a suspicious one.

Reginald was bankrupt at the time of his win and was quickly approaching the end of its term. Getting his hands on this money not only changes this situation significantly but also gives him a chance at a better life once he is out of jail. Having served his time, Roberts will be free to enjoy the fortune which is waiting for him, after he’s paid back all of the money he owes for his crimes in the past. This case has prompted an enormous backlash from the public in Australia, with a lot of people feeling annoyed that a hardened criminal was able to get their hands on something so valuable while in prison.

Hells Angel prison inmate wins the Oz lottery

In reality, though, being a member of The Hells Angels biker gang, it’s unlikely that Reginald Roberts had much of a choice regarding his life of crime. When people are drawn into a lifestyle like this, breaking free can be an immense challenge. This doesn’t absolve him of the mistakes he’s made, but it means that he has an opportunity to show his true colours in the light of this win. With the money to live an honest life, even the most ruthless of criminals will be willing to change the way they live.

There are loads of stories out there which show just how big of an impact a lottery win can have on someone’s life. While you may not like the idea of a convict winning a small fortune, it’s inspiring to see that someone at the lowest point in their life can still have a chance to make things right. All you need to do is buy a lottery entry to stand a chance at having a new life.

How would a lottery win change your life?

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money makes many things possible.

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