Is online lottery in India legal?

There is a lot of confusion when people read about gambling laws in India. Being such a vast country which comprises of many states, there are different laws in its various regions, and it can be a challenge to tell which rules apply to any given place. In most cases, it’s best to assume that lotteries are illegal across the whole country.

This only applies to those which are operated from within India itself, though, as gambling laws are dictated by the location of the service provider, rather than the player. With this in mind, it’s easy to see why so many citizens decide to play online lottery in India, rather than looking for a physical place to gamble.

Online lottery ticket in Delhi

Is online lottery in India legal?

Delhi is India’s capital territory and is by far one of the most progressive parts of the country. Both online and physical gambling games are permissible in this area, with the only restriction being on activities which are done in public. With such freedom, it makes sense to pick your lottery tickets based on the games with the highest jackpots. Powerball is the most popular game amongst the locals in Delhi. This will change from week to week, making it worth keeping an eye on these numbers, ensuring that you don’t miss out on the chance to win big.

Online lottery ticket in Mumbai

Is online lottery in India legal?

Mumbai, the largest city in the Indian state of Maharashtra, is a thriving hub for gamblers, even though there are strict rules in place which threaten prison time if you are caught in the act. Playing the lottery isn’t illegal here, and there are even state-authorized companies printing tickets within the state. India’s lotteries aren’t anywhere near as valuable as something like Mega Millions from the US. Real gambling is primarily prohibited in this part of the world.

Online lottery ticket in Kerala

Is online lottery in India legal?

Kerala is another Indian state which offers its state-driven lottery service. Like the others on this list, though, it’s usually worth avoiding this sort of option. It is illegal to use other forms of gambling in Kerala, especially if you have to go to a casino or other business to take part, though this is something which might change. With a considerable amount of the state’s revenue coming from the lottery, officials are easing up on the tight rules in place. Euromillions is an excellent option for residents of Kerala, as it offers the chance for a much higher payout than the local lotteries which are available.

Gambling in a country like India can come with a lot of risks. While most people are fined for this sort of activity, it is just as easy to find yourself in prison if you break the wrong rules, and this isn’t worth it for the chance to win. Online lotteries are perfectly legal, though, making them an excellent alternative for those who love the thrill of playing the lottery online.

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