10 crazy things a Powerball jackpot can buy you

Can you ever imagine spending $1.5 billion dollars? That kind of money seems impossible to blow, even if you ate out at your favourite restaurant every single night.

Burning through that amount of money takes some serious thought, but if you are the lucky winner of a Powerball jackpot then this could be you! There are some truly weird and wonderful ways you could splash your cash, so consider these ten crazy things with the lottery online:

1. Buy Yourself a Palace

Fancy seeing yourself as British royalty? If Buckingham Palace was up for grabs you would be able to buy it for just over $1 billion. Balmoral Castle could also be an option for just under $150 million. Tea and scones anyone?

2. Fuel Up the Private Jet

10 crazy things a Powerball jackpot can buy you

Forget traffic jams; you shouldn’t have to deal with that when you’re rich. A private jet will only set you back $3 million so why not buy a few for your friends too? You would have plenty of leftover cash to keep up with the maintenance costs too.

3. Ivy League Education For Everybody

You could send over 2,500 students to Harvard, which is one of the most expensive and sought after colleges in the US. One year of education there costs nearly $70,000 so you could foot the bill for a four year degree for thousands of people.

4. Buy Your Own Island

Being rich is tiring so you might want to buy an island for some down time. The Solomon Islands stands at around $1 billion dollars, so this could be your new vacay spot.

5. A Road Trip to...Space?

Nobody wants to go to the moon on their own, so why not take your 3000 friends, plus some extras? It would be within your means to take nearly 3,500 people into outer space with Richard Branson’s $250,000 Virgin Galactic ticket.

6. Be the Boss of Mickey and Minnie

10 crazy things a Powerball jackpot can buy you

If it were up for sale you would have more than enough cash to buy Disneyland in California. You could also build your own from scratch and become a fierce competitor for just $150 million.

7. Share the Wealth

When you’re rich, you can’t go wrong by giving it to charity. Your billion dollar jackpot could double the total revenue of the American Cancer Society. Now that’s a feel-good thing to do!

8. Buy the Most Expensive Dog in the World

If you’re a lover of all things furry, you might want to spend your winnings on the most expensive Tibetan Mastiff puppy (times 500). The little pup was sold for nearly $2 million in China, so you could have a whole litter of them!

9. Be The Next Hugh Hefner

Your jackpot package would easily buy you the Playboy Mansion for $200 million. Located in West Los Angeles you could have a home theatre, a zoo, twenty nine bedrooms and a swimming pool with just a fraction of your winnings. Get your velvet robe out now!

10. Own MySpace

Even though nobody uses MySpace anymore you could buy the domain for just over $90 million. Justin Timberlake is currently an investor, so he could be your business partner in the future!

Whether you’re fuelling up your private jet or buying Disneyland, you can be sure that your billion dollars isn’t going to waste at all with these crazy, but cool purchases!

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