20 Factory Workers Split a $420 Million Powerball Jackpot!

When your work colleagues decide to pool together for lottery tickets every now and then, you think why not? You pick your lucky numbers and dream about what you would do with your winnings.

Then, when the draw comes along your numbers don’t match the winning ones. The next time everyone pools together you reconsider. Here’s why you should keep playing when everyone else does!

Syndicated lottery tickets are an excellent way to boost your odds and it has proven to be a winning tactic for many in the past. If you are consistent with your ticket buying and number choosing, you might be one of the lucky ones who strikes gold!

20 Factory Workers Split a $420 Million Powerball Jackpot!

Factory Workers Turn into Jackpot Winners

During a previous US Powerball draw it turns out that twenty factory workers from Tennessee bagged themselves the big bucks. Their syndicated lottery tickets allowed them to split a whopping $420 million jackpot between them! The coworkers, who worked at a metal manufacturing plant landed lucky in their joint effort to win big.

The employees of North American Stamping Group went home with a whopping $420.9 million jackpot after their syndicate brought up the winning numbers in the lottery result. The cash value of the prize pot is worth $254 million, which works out at around $12.7 million per person, before taxes are deducted.

Words from a Winner

One of the winners in the group, Amy O’Neal didn’t expect the group to ever win; they had been playing the lotto for eight years. She explained:

“You never think you’re going to win this lottery, but you do it for fun.”

The group managed to match all six of the US Powerball numbers that were drawn on a standard Saturday night. Amy O’Neal actually bought the winning ticket for the group and says they normally buy tickets every Wednesday and Saturday in support of the state of Tennessee. That evening she went to bed as normal, without even thinking about the lottery. In the morning her son and husband exclaimed that the winning ticket was purchased in their hometown of Lafayette in Tennessee. She explained:

“They were shaking me and shaking me.”

“I went in and grabbed my tickets. It was the third one. I just started screaming. I had to look again, I thought I was in a dream.”

This jackpot turned out to be the second largest overall prize for the state, with the largest jackpot from the US Powerball being $528 million back in January.

20 Factory Workers Split a $420 Million Powerball Jackpot!

The Power of Syndicated Lottery Tickets

So the next time you feel like bowing out of a team effort to win the lottery, you might want to think again. Going solo on the lottery won’t give you a heightened chance of winning like a syndicate will. Keep an open mind and join in every now and again with your work colleagues or friendship group. You could all be together relaxing on a private island before you know it. The next time you have the chance to play together, take the chance. It could pay off big time in the end!

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