14 world lotteries that you can play now

Are you eager to play the lottery? Here are 14 possibilities that you can enter right now!

Are you eager to play the lottery? Here are 14 possibilities that you can enter right now!

Mega Millions has a jackpot of a massive US $40 million! This lotto has a unique structure which means that you are in with a greater chance of winning when you play! If you can match all six of the numbers drawn, you are guaranteed a jackpot win!

14 world lotteries that you can play now

SuperEna Max was introduced in 2014 thanks to the success of Super Enalotto. You can have even more fun and enjoy some amazing prizes three times per week with this lottery! The winning numbers are drawn on the same day as the SuperEnalotto.

SuperEnalotto currently has a prize pool of €128,000,000! It’s going to cost you €2 for five quick picks! This is an Italian lottery draw but when you are playing on our website you can bet on it from anywhere in the world! It is well known for its huge jackpots, which can be a minimum of €2 million, and a maximum of €100!

Monaco GP Raffle is a limited-time raffle and the draw takes place on the 18th April 2019. It will cost you 12 euros to enter and be in the running to win a trip to Monaco’s 2019 Grand Prix. This comprises of flights to Nice, VIP transfers from Nice airport, luxury accommodation and so much more!

14 world lotteries that you can play now

When you play US Powerball you will pick five numbers up to 69 from the white balls, and one red ball up to 26. You can have the same number on the red ball even if you already have it on one of the white ones. Powerball is the most popular lottery in the entire world!

The ElGordo lottery jackpot currently stands at €6,200,000! This is the second longest continuously running lottery in the entire world and has been running since 1812!

EuroJackpot is a lottery draw that allows you to pick five numbers between 1 and 50, as well as two numbers between 1 and 10. You need to match all of your numbers to the ones drawn to win the jackpot. In a draw in 2017, the winning numbers were guessed by five players which is a record for this lottery!

14 world lotteries that you can play now

France Loto is the official lottery of France that works the same as most others. You pick five numbers and a power number which you need to match to the numbers that are drawn. One lucky French person has won the jackpot twice!

La Primitiva is a Spanish lottery that has a seven tier payout system. The jackpot will start at €3,000,000 and if nobody wins it will roll over to the next prize draw.

Lotto 6aus49 is a German lottery which draws every Monday and Saturday night. You have to match 6 numbers out of 49 to win this lottery’s jackpot.

If you are looking for a Brazilian lottery, MegaSena could be the one for you. It is the largest lottery in Brazil and has been running since 1996.

Oz Powerball is the Australian version of the classic Powerball! This lottery only uses 40 numbers meaning that the odds are in your favour far more than other choices!

It is estimated that as of 2013, there have been 448 millionaires produced from Oz Lotto alone!

Keno is a popular, fast game that you can play online where draws happen every two minutes. This is a game that originated in China and is now a global phenomenon.

With so many options to choose from, where will you start? Don’t worry, you can play a different lottery every day to get a feel for them all!

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