Honey I Won The Lottery

You’ve probably thought a lot about winning the lottery. Most players constantly think about what it would be like to win until the day they finally do. But have you thought about how you would break the news to your loved ones or your family?

Suddenly you’re a millionaire! People can react to the news in different ways. Some will jump for joy, others will faint and many more will be absolutely adamant that you’re joking! So, let’s look at some of the different stories of people telling those they love about their massive wins!

Honey I Won The Lottery

Giving It Away

Jack Whitaker won a staggering $315 million Powerball jackpot on Christmas morning back in 2002. He remembers himself having been at a complete loss for words and still recalls the looks of shock from his family and wasn’t sure what to do next.

It turns out this particular winner had a very kind heart indeed and rewarded all his friends and family. In fact, he immediately started giving away his winnings. Before the first week was over he had provided $50 million to family and friends. This was in the form of cars, homes and other expensive purchases. We suppose that is one way to go. Announce you’ve won and then ask them how much they’d like!

Honey I Won The Lottery

Second Time's The Charm

Sometimes lightning really does strike twice for lottery winners. This was true for Kimberly Morris. The mother of three was lucky enough to win $10,000 from a scratch card. Immediately, she went to the lottery headquarters to claim her prize money. At the time, Kimberly knew she had always dreamed and hoped of winning the one million prize. So, on her way home from the headquarters she bought another ticket and incredibly claimed the one million!

When she found out she had won she immediately called up her husband. According to him, Kimberly wasn’t making any sense. Instead, she was speaking incredibly quickly and mixing up her words. This isn’t surprising as winning can be like getting hit by a car. It causes a state of shock and it takes your brain a while to catch up. That’s why it’s best not to tell anyone until you have had a chance to breathe, relax and wrap your head around the news.

Honey I Won The Lottery

An Anonymous Talk

Another winner posted how he told his children he won the lottery on YouTube. In the video he starts off by sitting them down and saying he’s glad to see them. He tells them he has something he needs to say and they immediately ask if it’s something bad. This is often the reaction people get because people think shocking news is bad news. In reality, winning the lottery is the best news! The father then says he's won a little bit of money and gives each son nine hundred dollars and an Ipad each. While sharing champagne he tells them he has won $200,000 before later correcting it to two million and providing them another $5000 each. At this point the kids break down in shock and can be seen wandering around not knowing what to do. It’s a touching scene and the father really does handle the win beautifully.

We hope this gives you some inspiration if you ever find yourself with a winning lottery ticket in your hands. Comment and tell us how you would tell your family and friends you’re a millionaire if you won big.

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