The ultimate lottery revenge stories

Many players dream about what they would do if they won the lottery. Some fantasize about expensive sports cars, dream vacations or retiring early. Others consider setting up future generations for life or perhaps even donating to charity. Then there are those who immediately turn their attention to revenge. They use their new winnings to get even with people who have wronged them in the past.

As you might expect, some of these stories are quite amusing. At least, from the perspective of the winner! Here are two tales that might give you inspiration if you ever win the jackpot.

A Foul Present

There are plenty of people in the world who want to get back at their boss. After all, bosses can treat their employees terribly making them run errands or simply being unfair to them. It’s not hard to imagine why, if given a chance, a person with enough money, would take revenge. There have even been films based entirely around this idea and that’s exactly what Brian Morris did after he decided to play the lotto and in the end, won the jackpot.

The lottery winner claimed a tremendous $125 million and immediately quit his job. According to a police report, he had been working for his employer for seventeen years and had been treated terribly. Suffering years of mistreatment, Brian took the chance when he won the lottery to get his revenge. So, what did Brian do to end in lockup?

The ultimate lottery revenge stories

Well, as a prank he hired a company to pour 20,000 tons of manure onto the front lawn of his former boss. Brian achieved this feat by claiming that it was his own lawn. Ignoring why a company would believe someone would want to poor manure onto their own lawn, the prank was partially successful.

Police arrived eventually but not before ten thousand tonnes of manure had already been dropped by dozens of trucks. Brian immediately owned up to the practical joke and was only arrested briefly before being released. After he promised the media more jokes were on the way and with nearly $125 million to his name we can only imagine what he meant.

Bad Breakup

We’ve all suffered through a bad relationship and eventually built up the courage to call it quits. But what happens when just seven months after breaking up, one partner wins the lottery. This is precisely what happened to Beverly Dolan. After being in a terrible relationship for years, she parted ways with her partner and then quickly won the lottery.

Supposedly one of her first acts was to rub it in her exes face and ensure he knew that she wouldn’t be giving any of him her winnings. Unfortunately, he’ll probably hear a lot more about her $18 million wins as the couple have three kids together.

On the brighter side, her partner has expressed he’s not too broken up about winning and is thrilled his kids will have a great life. Beverly has also expressed that she will be donating significant portions of her winnings to charity so this really is a rather lovely tale, albeit shrouded in a touch of revenge.

We hope you enjoyed these stories interesting and that it doesn’t inspire you to enact your own revenge when you win the lottery.

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