What lottery you are playing vs what lottery you should be playing

To play the lottery in India, it is often seen that playing a regional Indian-based lottery is a default choice. After all, regional lotteries are familiar and can offer decent jackpots, so opting to enter seems like a relatively simple choice.

However, times have changed, and the power of technology has now made it possible to enter non-Indian lotteries here on Lotto247. As a result, it is worth looking again at regional lotteries, seeing how they compare to their global counterparts and trying to determine which lottery you should be playing in the future.

The difference in jackpots


By far the biggest difference between international and non-international lotteries are the jackpots. For example, the Kerala lottery jackpot is usually around Rs 6,000,000, which is equivalent to around US $85,000. While this is an impressive sum, it is utterly dwarfed by the minimum jackpot of Mega Millions, which is $40,000,000, and can reach over $1 billion. As one would expect, the prize tiers experience further differences. In fact, winning the second prize tier of Mega Millions means winning more than the actual jackpot on the Kerala lottery. While the Kerala lottery is less expensive to enter at around Rs 30, the difference between the jackpots is so significant, it could be argued that it is simply more cost-effective to enter Mega Millions rather than Kerala.

What lottery you are playing vs what lottery you should be playing

Are international lotteries more challenging to play?

Given the difference between national and international jackpots, it is worth asking if playing a national lottery is at least easier than playing an international lottery. However, this is simply not the case.

There are some minor differences between the most popular international lotteries and Indian lotteries such as Ganga lottery or Kerala lottery. For example, Ganga lottery only requires players to match four numbers to win the jackpot, whereas Powerball requires you to match five “main” numbers and the Powerball number. However, these differences are minor, and we at Lotto247 provide complete guides to ensure you can play non-Indian lotteries with confidence.


So if the jackpots are far higher with non-Indian lotteries, and these lotteries are as easy to play as Indian lotteries, one has to consider the most critical question…

Should you play national lotteries or international lotteries?

While there is a certain novelty to playing lotteries based in India, the simple reality is that these lotteries are inherently restrictive in terms of the jackpots they can offer. Furthermore, the non-jackpot level prizes can also be relatively low, which could result in you technically “winning the lottery” but actually receiving relatively little as a reward.

In contrast, international lotteries offer far more scope in terms of jackpots and prize tiers. As a result, lotteries such as US Powerball and Mega Millions could actually be considered more cost-effective. They may be more expensive to play initially, but this is balanced by the fact that the potential jackpots far outstrip those offered by Ganga lottery or Kerala lottery.

Thanks to Lotto247, players in India are no longer restricted to nationally-run lotteries. You can now quickly and easily play international lotteries that offer significant jackpots and impressive prize tiers. Plus, if luck goes your way, you could win a jackpot that exceeds anything offered by the Ganga or Kerala lotteries.

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