How Would You Spend a Lottery Jackpot?

Have you ever wondered what you’d do if you won the lottery? What if you won several thousands, tens of thousands or even a huge jackpot of millions? All we can do is dream, play the lottery and hope that one day we get a slice of that jackpot as well!

However, recent research has shown that over half of Britain’s working class citizens would actually continue working even if they had millions of pounds in the bank. A cheeky 2% said that they wouldn’t want to resign from work but would instead just simply not show up! Around 49% of the working class said they would officially resign from their workplace and around 15% of that group said they would change their job to something they’ve always dreamed of.

How Would You Spend a Lottery Jackpot?

This shows us that a lot of people value working not just because of the salary we get, but because it helps to build character and define who we are. Working keeps the mind healthy and gives us a purpose in life, which is why many people can work various jobs despite being low-paying with lots of overtime, it helps to give us a reason to get out of bed in the morning. A lot of people would simply get bored of life if they had no purpose. Of course, having lots of money does also mean that you could finally pursue what you wanted in life, but that’s still different to not having a job at all!

People that win the lottery will often reassess their lives, analyzing what it is they truly value. Most people find that money isn’t the motivator, but having a purpose and being a part of something greater stimulates their mind and helps them get out of bed. Work tends to have very negative feelings associated with it, especially because it’s seen as a necessary thing for people that need the money. In reality, those people simply just haven’t found something they like to do. If people enjoyed their jobs, then it would completely change their lives!

How Would You Spend a Lottery Jackpot?

That’s why there was a small group of people that would take their winnings and use it to help them find their dream jobs.

Just take a look at singers and actors that have been in their industries for decades. They have plenty of money and could just sit on it for the rest of their lives, yet they continue to work because they love their jobs. They love to entertain, inspire others and create things for others to enjoy!

At the end of the day, what you do with your lottery jackpot is completely up to you, but don’t just think of it as an easy way out of work. Instead, think about what good you can do with your winnings to help you change your life and the lives of others! One day a lottery jackpot could be yours, if you start thinking about how you'll spend it now, then when you win, you'll know exactly how you'll spend your millions!

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