Can You Believe This Woman Won Millions and Didn't Know!

It’s more common than most people think for someone to lose their lottery ticket or forget to check results. After all, so many people play the lottery online but not all of them win jackpots. People often get into the habit of telling themselves they won’t win and that it’s not even worth checking the numbers – but that’s exactly what happened to lottery winner Jacqui Shannon, a full-time charity worker for the NSPCC.

Without online lotteries, Jacqui might’ve never realised that she won.

Jacqui regularly plays the lottery online because it’s very convenient. Simply log on to a website, pick numbers and then pay the fee and the tickets will be submitted. There’s no need to visit a store, no need to keep paper receipts around and no need to use cash. One of the best features of the online lottery is that if a player wins, they’re notified by email, SMS or other methods that can be chosen by the player.

Without this alert feature, Jacqui probably would’ve lost her ticket or forgotten to check it. She probably would’ve thought to herself that she wouldn’t have won anyway, but that certainly wasn’t the case in this situation. As Jacqui puts it, “When I saw the email telling me I had a win I assumed that it was something small so I just didn’t get around to checking it.”

Jacqui was a millionaire for almost three weeks without knowing it.

Can You Believe This Woman Won Millions and Didn't Know!

Weeks went by before Jacqui even bothered to check her email again.

“I was at work one morning, getting ready for the day ahead, when I remembered to log into my account to see what the win was. I was chatting to my colleague and not really paying attention to my lottery account. When I saw that the first message in my account was alerting me that I’d won a Lucky Dip I assumed that was the win, until I read the second message which was about a £1million win on the UK Millionaire Maker!”

Had Jacqui not played lottery online and instead bought a traditional ticket, she probably would’ve neglected the ticket and after 180 days had passed, the money would’ve been donated to the Good Causes fund.

Online lottery is really convenient and helpful

Jacqui is just one of many fortunate people that played online lottery instead of buying a paper ticket. This meant that she was able to receive a warning that she had won, alerting her on multiple channels to try and get her attention.

Online lottery is just very convenient and helpful thanks to these alerts, and since the numbers are also saved, it means that players don’t need to remember the numbers nor do they need to keep the ticket safe. As long as they remember the login and password to their online account, they can play the lottery online at any time and check their tickets whenever they need to. They can even play international lottery games that aren’t available in their home country – it’s just that easy and convenient.

Instant notifications are only one of the many perks of playing the lottery online, if you're ready to win big and live free, then play the lottery online today.

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