Meet the Keno winner from Mayotte

"One day I won €19.80 so I kept playing Keno because I felt lucky. 5 days later I won €44,787.89!"

When Djounaid from Mayotte, checked his online lottery account and saw a massive €44,787.89 waiting for him, he couldn't believe it! He was dreaming about buying a plot of land to build a new home for him and his family and this money was the answer to his dreams - this win was perfectly timed.

When we spoke to Djounaid he said that winning so much money through Keno was very exciting and he couldn't believe it had happened to him. But what was even more exciting, was that he won a few days earlier before. He heard a lot about Keno and decided to try it for the first time. Ove the course of 5 days he spent £2.70, £7.65, £16.90 and £19.80 for each game respectively. He had only won €0.00, €11.74, €7.89 and €43.90 for each of these games.

Meet the Keno winner from Mayotte

He then gave it another try and spent 0.90. The next morning this small amount won him a massive 44,787.89! Djounaid plans on making all his dreams come true, but he's going to start with paying off his debt and spoiling his kids. That sounds like a great plan to us.

This just goes to show that the more you play, the more you could win! And when you're feeling lucky, you should keep playing because a massive win might just be right around the corner.

More about Keno

This game is like a lottery that involves picking twelve numbers from a Keno card that has the numbers 1 to 80. 20 balls are picked at random and displayed on your screen. If the numbers you picked match the balls, you win. The more numbers you match, the higher your winnings. Different games offer different pay-outs, and rather than paying a standard ticket price, you can make wagers of different sizes to increase your winnings. In essence, you determine how much you could win and how often you play. Ready to give it a try? Play Keno here.

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