Find out how this gardener won the lottery

How does a self-made gardener go from struggling with cash flow to being able to afford his dream property on the coast. James Evans was a self-employed gardener, desperate to figure out a way to get his company off the ground. Now, he lives in his dream property on the coast of Cornwall with his 28-year-old girlfriend. The couple loves their new home with one acre of land to use how they wish.

Find out how this gardener won the lotteryOn top of this, James has big plans to purchase a bungalow for his mother and treat all his friends to a deluxe trip to Ibiza. If that wasn’t enough he has great ambitions for future travel including a spellbinding trip to Thailand’s Phi Phi Island as well as the Gorges du Tarn in France. James no longer has to worry about money and instead can rest happily with three million to spend however he wishes. What happened to transform James's life and turn his prospects around?

He played a scratchcard and claimed a three million pound win! Players often come from humble beginnings only to discover that their life is completely changed after claiming a staggering win.

How James Changed His Life

James was completing a job with some friends, talking about his trouble with money and the struggles to grow his business. Cashflow had been a big issue when attempting to gain new clients and expand his reach. During this time, James spoke to a boy who had won quite a lot of money on a scratchcard. This gave James a fantastic idea about a way he could turn his money troubles around.

Find out how this gardener won the lotteryThe gardener decided that if he was given a sign from fate, he too would play a couple scratchcards to try and win a fortune. Incredibly, the sign arrived when there was a space right outside his local store. James popped in and purchased a couple. The first delivered no results but the second would change his life forever. James looked down to discover a £3 mil win! At first he thought his eyes were deceiving him, but reality quickly began to kick in.

When he called his girlfriend she didn’t believe him at all and thought he was joking with her. However, after ringing Camelot to confirm the win, it was looking increasingly likely that the two now had millions to spend. After a difficult weekend with news of one of their cars breaking down, James was finally able to speak to a winner advisor who confirmed his success. Less than a week later, the money was all in his bank account.

The couple celebrated in style with a photoshoot outside a mansion. Two glorious new Mercs they purchased provided an incredible backdrop.

James described the win as a magical experience that provided him with an incredible level of relief. He now no longer needs to worry about issues with cash for his company. Instead, he continues to work as a gardener in a location he loves with the woman and the lifestyle of his dreams.

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Posted by Sharad (11/10/2019)

This is Great story of Fortune turning around with God's Blessings. I am sure I will also be showered with such Blessings now.

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I am sure Iwill also be showered with such Blessing now.This is Great story.