The best movies about winning the lottery

Sometimes, there’s nothing better than sitting down and watching a movie. The great news for anyone that likes to play the lottery online is that there are plenty of great films based around winning a lottery jackpot! This means viewers get to have a sneak peek at what it could be like to win a fortune and the exciting things a player can spend their money on.

The following films are probably the best movies about winning the lottery, so feel free to give them a watch:

The best movies about winning the lotteryWelcome to Me

This classic stars the comedic genius, Kristen Wiig. As expected, she excels in the role of a young woman who gets lucky and wins a massive lottery jackpot. Armed with a whopping $86 million, the film shows the hilarious antics she gets up to as she spends this cash. Her main aim is to use the money to start a talk show that rivals Oprah’s. Needless to say, things really don’t go to plan for her! But, this makes for hilarious viewing as countless things go wrong and she ends up in all sorts of crazy situations. Players can take inspiration from this as what NOT to do when a fortune comes along!

Finder’s Fee

The best way of describing this movie is that a man finds a wallet that has a winning lottery ticket totalling $6 million. Many lottery players have probably run through this scenario before and debated what would be done. In this film, the man that finds the ticket (Tepper) contacts the owner and ends up on a thrilling journey where the stakes are raised, and many tough decisions are made. It’s edge-of-the-seat style cinema, and James Earl Jones stars in it as well. So, the lottery and Darth Vader/Mufasa - what more could a player want?

The best movies about winning the lotteryWaking Ned Devine

The central plot of this movie is that two friends find out someone in their village (Ned Devine) has won the lottery. They become excited and go to pay him a visit to inform him of his winnings. But, things take a turn when they find poor old Ned has popped his clogs and died from the sheer shock of winning the lottery! The whole film takes place in this small town where hardly anyone has much money.

As such, they were really looking forward to having a millionaire in their midst and the good that could come from all this cash. So, they don’t want to give up on the winnings, but the rules state that Ned is the only one that can collect them. Cue an hour or so of comedy as the townspeople all work together to try and convince the detective inspector that one of the two friends is Ned Devine. It’s very funny and brings an extremely unique look at movies about the lottery!

Anybody that spends a lot of time playing the lottery online will really enjoy these films. It’s funny to see how people spend their winnings in these movies, and it also just provides extra excitement that today could be a lucky day!

Today is a great day to put a movie on while you play the lottery online. Good luck!

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