Heart-warming lottery winner stories everyone loves

There’s an element of magic when it comes to playing the lottery. With every ticket, there’s a chance to change a life, or even several lives, as these heart-warming lottery winner stories show. While headlines often focus on fast cars and exotic holidays, many people who have won the lottery have a very different tale to tell. Winning the lottery opens up doors for individuals, but it can also create incredible opportunities for others. Here are some lottery winner stories everyone loves.

Colin and Christine Weir’s Euromillions winColin and Christine Weir’s Euromillions win

When Colin and Christine Weir found out they had won more than £160 million on a giant Euromillions draw, they wanted to make a difference in their local area. The Scottish couple took on a raft of different projects, establishing a trust to support and fund charities and individual programmes. One of the first things the couple did was to offer their home to their neighbour, a teenage mother. The generous pair also funded a new prosthetic limb for a local child and treatment for a local girl with cerebral palsy. Colin and Christine were also keen to create opportunities, and they offered financial assistance for an aspiring artist.

Jim and Carolyn McCullar Mega Millions jackpot

Jim and Carolyn McCullar, from Washington State, were bowled over when they won $190 million on the Mega Millions lottery in 2011. After learning of their new-found wealth, the McCullars dedicated their time and money to establishing firm foundations for their family and any future generations.

Allen and Violet Large’s charitable donations

Allen and Violet Large, from Canada, scooped $11.2 million in 2010. After attracting attention when news of the lucky ticket broke, the couple continued to be a talking point as a result of their charitable donations. The Large’s kept some money back for their family, but donated the majority to charities and hospitals.

Les Robin’s day camp for children

Les Robins, a former teacher, decided to use his Powerball winnings to establish a day camp for school children. Les won over $110 million in 1993, and his generosity helped put a smile on many childrens’ faces.

Heart-warming lottery winner stories everyone loves

Louise White

Louise White decided not to reveal details of how she was going to spend her money after winning more than $200 million on the Rhode Island Powerball lottery, but she did make it clear that she had allocated funds for her family. Louise, who was 81 when she won, also set up a trust, which was named after the sherbet she bought when purchasing her lucky lottery ticket.


Jim Dancy’s selfless donation

Jim Dancy isn’t one of the biggest winners on the board, but he is definitely a contender for the biggest heart. When Jim won $10,000 on Keno, he decided to donate the whole amount to Greater Kalamazoo United Way.

Ed Nabors

Truck driver, Ed Nabors, took his giant lottery win in his stride. After scooping almost $200,000, he resigned and went fishing.

These wonderful tales show just what can happen to those who buy a lucky ticket or play the lottery online.

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