Man claims $1,750 prize but ends up much richer

Being in the very fortunate position to win a lump sum of money would normally be enough for Portland Sam Hawley, but due to a very fortunate timing error, Mr Hawley got more than he bargained for with his prize. Punctuality is always rewarded, but in Mr Hawley’s case, it’s proven to be hugely beneficial!

Pitching up to the Wilsonville Payment Center at 7.30am, Mr Hawley was stunned to find his efficiency had seen him arrive an entire hour early. As a lottery winner with a story to tell, Sam was excited to collect his $1,750 prize. As it was, the timing meant that there was a whole hour to wait so he headed to the Wilsonville Fred Meyer store to have a look around. On impulse, Mr Hawley decided to purchase another Keno 8 entry - the same ticket type that won the $1,750 with - with the same numbers that he has used for years.

Man claims $1,750 prize but ends up much richer

It wasn’t until a little later that Mr Hawley realized that the new Keno 8 ticket that he had just purchased had won him a massive $118,000 jackpot. This was made up of a jackpot of $93,759.60, which was a rolling prize. He also won a bonus of $25,000 for matching all eight numbers across the ticket.

Punctuality ended up changing his life, and that’s not something that everyone can claim from a Keno 8 ticket!

How To Play Online

Keno can be played and instantly won in only a few minutes, but if you'd like to play for a much bigger jackpot, try Powerball!

Powerball is a game that is made up of five white balls and a Powerball, and when players choose to play online, there are steps to take to get it right. Here’s how players can play Powerball using an online lottery account:


  • Choose a QUICK PICK to have numbers selected at random, or choose to SELECT YOUR OWN NUMBERS so that you can create unique tickets by choosing five white ball numbers between 1 and 69, and a single red Powerball from 1 to 26. 
  • Choose the number of draws to play - up to 30. 
  •  Check the shopping cart to ensure the purchase is correct. 
  • Select CHECKOUT and go to payment. 
  • Once players have completed the purchase, they can view their tickets in their account. 
  • You could watch out for draw results but when you play on Lotto247 we'll email you about any winnings you might have.


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