A lottery ticket mistake leads to winning Powerball

Imagine walking into a store to buy 1 lottery ticket, but you accidentally buy 6? In Michigan, a Westland woman did just that, and it turned out to be the luckiest mistake she could have ever made when playing the Powerball. This mistake helped her win the $100,400 jackpot!

Westland woman, Linda Keyanchuk, bought six lines by mistake when she logged into her online lottery account and subsequently matched four white balls and the Powerball twice! The drawing that took place on August 8 proved to be very lucky, winning the Michigan resident two prizes of $50,000. Linda then further matched three numbers and the Powerball four times, allowing her to win an additional $400 on top of the double $50,000 win. Linda hadn’t intended to buy more than one line when she played the Powerball online, so this was a mistake that turned out very well for her. This is what she said of her lucky mistake:

“I meant to buy a multi-draw Powerball ticket, but accidentally bought six Powerball tickets. I didn’t realise my mistake until the next afternoon when I logged into my lottery account and saw that I’d won more than $100,000!”

A lottery ticket mistake leads to winning Powerball

How To Play Online

Powerball is a game that is made up of five white balls and a Powerball, and when players choose to play online, there are steps to take to get it right. Here’s how players can play Powerball using an online lottery account:

  • Choose a Quick Pick amount to have numbers selected at random, or choose to Select Your Own Numbers so that you can create unique sequences by choosing five white ball numbers between 1 and 69, and a single red Powerball from 1 to 26.
  • Choose the number of draws to play - up to 30.
  • Check the shopping cart to ensure the purchase is correct.
  • Select Checkout and go to payment. If players want to add more tickets for other lotteries, they can choose to click continue playing too

Linda Keyanchuk’s mistake has allowed her to start planning to go on vacation with the money and enjoy herself. She believes that people like herself don’t win money like this, citing the result as ‘unreal’.

Players can purchase tickets online, like Ms Keyanchuk, or in store for their Powerball ticket. This is a mistake that will be forever remembered as the one to make!

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