Couple Discover Winning Lottery Ticket Making Their Home Spick And Span

Players are often amazed how their wins come when they least expect it. Either the ticket is forgotten and then rediscovered, or there could be a weird coincidence before they claim their ticket. These type of occurrences are remarkably common. Players who come forward after a win often tell their incredible stories of how they discovered the ticket that led them to victory.

Once couple in Louisiana have cleaning their home to thank for their massive win on the lottery. The couple claimed a staggering $1.3 million after they found their own winning ticket.

Their win has helped them secure a healthy retirement fund that they will be able to rely on for years. Tina and Harold Ehrenberg lived in Mandeville, a little town 75 miles from the capital of Louisiana and couldn’t believe they had won. They checked the numbers on the ticket multiple times before they finally decided to move forward and make the claim.

After the win, they quickly decided to save their winnings and they said that the best part was actually being able to deposit the check. Most people think that banks have special teams for lottery winners, but this isn’t always true. There’s no special bank for players who win the lottery. There is however, specialists who are called up to cater to those making large deposits. This is exactly what the couple will have encountered when they made their own large lump deposit. But how did this win occur?

Couple Discover Winning Lottery Ticket Making Their Home Spick And Span

How Cleaning A Home Can Lead To A Win

Some players discover they have won the lottery after playing for the very first time at random. Others play regularly because they know this will increase their chances. Many even repeatedly play the same numbers over and over again. In the case of Mr. and Mrs. Ehrenberg, they were regular players of the lottery. However, they had forgotten about a large clump of tickets.

These were discovered buried on a nightstand when the couple was tidying up their home to prepare for family to arrive for Thanksgiving in November.

One of the tickets was from a draw on the 6th June, months before. It’s important for players to check and claim their tickets as quickly as possible. Tickets do expire and in the case of these tickets were only valid to be claimed for six months. When they were discovered by the couple, the winning ticket was two weeks away from being invalidated, so it was certainly a lucky discovery.

While players might be amazed that the couple had forgotten about lottery tickets, it can happen all the time. Lottery tickets can get misplaced and fall behind the back of furniture. Many lottery tickets are never discovered or remain unclaimed, and this could be one of the reasons. Luckily for the couple, they discovered their winning ticket at the right time and can now look forward to a fantastic future.

It’s important then to always check lottery tickets and cleaning up the home might just help players discover ones that have been forgotten or left behind. 

When you play the lottery online, you don't have to worry about this though because the Lotto247 Team will contact you about any winnings you might have. 

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