How Does A Prank Turn Into A £1 Million Win?

While this might sound crazy, that’s exactly what happened to Mr. and Mrs. Peart. They were staggered with the win and were delighted to be able to change their lives with their £1 million win.

While they had no immediate plans for the money, the players quickly decided that the best option would be to buy a brand new house. The couple currently resides in a small three-bedroom home located close to Peterborough in Whittlesey. They’re using their winnings to buy a larger property for themselves and their three children, finally providing their kids a chance to have their own room each.

For the family, it’s an exciting new adventure and a chance to bring new wonders into their world. Daniel Peart is a self-employed carpenter, and the couple expressed that they had always had issues and worries with money. It made it difficult to enjoy life and spend as much time with their children as they wanted. Now, they can relax a little more, enjoy their winnings and benefit from the extra cash in their accounts. But how does their brilliant win relate to a prank?

How Does A Prank Turn Into A £1 Million Win?

A Weird Coincidence

A few weeks before the win, Charlotte had decided to prank her husband. The couple had always loved joking around with one another. So, Charlotte decided to tell her husband that she had won £250,000 on the lottery. Whether or not he believed her, it certainly left her husband weary of being tricked by a similar prank.

On August 28th, 2018, Charlotte decided to use the last £1.50 in their lottery account to play EuroMillions. When players play the lottery online, it’s possible to set up an account that they can put money into each month to fund the cost. This ensures that they always have the amount they need to play the games, but of course, can be topped up at any time.

Incredibly, the last money in her account provided her with the five numbers she needed for a staggering win.

Of course, when she told her husband, he didn’t give her the time of day. Instead, Daniel told her he was busy and put his brother on the phone. However, he quickly realised his mistake when she send him a photo of the winner's message.

Daniel was astounded, and that was the start of a crazy day. Unlike other players, the couple did decide to alert the press of their staggering story. They had a photo shoot where they celebrated with champion and decided to share their story with the world.

Players often wonder how rare these types of incidents are. While the win is incredible, it seems weird to think that these types of occurrences where a prank has been played a few weeks before can happen. But, the world of lottery wins is filled with amazing stories just like this. After reading these players might wonder whether their win will have a similar peculiar story attached to it.

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