New UK Lottery Changes That Will Increase Your Chances of Winning

UK lottery is one of the most popular lotteries in the world. Although it does trail behind the United States in terms of big cash prizes, the UK lottery scene is still one of the biggest in the world and is regularly played by online lottery players around the world. Thanks to the huge jackpots and popularity, UK lottery has remained a staple in the lottery world, but some upcoming changes will make it even more enticing the try!

UK lottery has gone through some changes

Changes are necessary in the lottery world to ensure that players still feel motivated to play. Simply reducing the odds with no benefit to the player would be a bad idea, but making it too easy to win may also affect the prizes and thus draw in fewer players. The UK lottery has always struck a balance between the odds of winning and the size of the jackpots, so it’s always been a very popular choice.

UK jackpot changes

The idea behind the changes that take place will be aimed at increasing the number of jackpot winners but at the expense of smaller jackpots.

New UK Lottery Changes That Will Increase Your Chances of WinningThe change prevents rollovers from going over the 5th rollover, meaning that extremely large jackpots are no longer possible. However, the money isn’t just going to disappear. Instead, the prize money will be distributed to the players that match 3 numbers or more. This means that if you only get the 2nd prize, but there are no jackpot winners on the 5th rollover, you will receive the jackpot prize split between everyone else that only got the 2nd prize.

Yes, this means that you could potentially win the entire jackpot with only 2nd place! This is a huge change and will drastically increase the number of jackpot winners for UK Lottery. The downside is that the jackpot size will be limited, but it does mean that the 5th rollover is an excellent time to play the UK lottery. If you’re someone that dabbles in online lottery and you only occasionally play the UK lottery, then the 5th rollover is now a very enticing prospect! Make sure you try and get at least one ticket in for the UK lotteries during this time because it drastically increases your chances of winning a big jackpot prize.

Unfortunately, a downside to this is that the millionaire raffle has gone away. This was a staple in the UK lottery scene that was loved by everyone that played because it gave you more chances to win in addition to your regular ticket. However, it was stopped when this change to the UK lottery rollover system was introduced, meaning there are fewer chances to win overall. However, the 5th rollover is now a very exciting game to play if you’re interested in UK lottery and it more than makes up for the removal of the millionaire raffle.

Some final words

The UK lottery scene has gone through many changes, but this change to the rollovers is going to have a huge impact on the game as a whole and we can expect to see ticket sales during the 5th rollover to increase by a large amount.

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