Do lottery winners have a special bank?

Ever wondered where you would keep your millions once you win? Today we're seeing if lottery winners have a special bank that they bank with after winning big.

For those people who play the lottery, winning is going to be the best outcome. But after a player has won, what exactly should they be doing with their money? As it’s a lot of money, a lottery winner can’t just walk into a local branch of a bank and deposit all the money into an account. But luckily, the National Lottery has someone to advise on matters like this. Andy Carter is employed by the UK National Lottery, and his sole job is to answer questions from lottery winners. So, where do winners put their money?

Do lottery winners have a special bank?What Bank?

Andy Carter has said that for wins over £500,000 it is recommended that the lottery winner choose a private bank to handle the funds. There is going to be a lot of money that needs a place, and smaller banks might not be able to handle this. So the player is going to want to look into bigger options and for large wins, private ones. Coutts has been mentioned as one of the banks that lottery winners go to for the funds to be handled. This is because the Queen is also counted as one of the clients here and so it is believed that the money will be safe.

While this is the case, there have been reports that certain people have not been satisfied with the bank and how it handles things. One couple who won the lottery came to this bank and asked for compensation as the bank only left £10,000 for these players to live on per year. Always make sure that you know what you're getting into when you pick a bank.

Do lottery winners have a special bank?What Happens?

When a player wins the lottery, as soon as it has been validated, the money is sent via bank transfer. So, the huge cheques that people see on TV and online are all for show. This is good news for the player as it means they get their money sooner, rather than later. Another good thing for the player is that once the winnings are taxed by the state the lump sum is not going to be taxed again by the bank. Only the interest that is generated from the winnings are going to be subject to tax, and this is why it can take so long to find the right bank.

All banks on the high street have a private section to deal with people who have high net worths. The player might find when they go to the bank that there is an entire small team specifically for this event. The UK National Lottery has contacts with many banks, and it can be arranged for the winner to have a special account set up. A special account is going to be necessary depending on what the player intends to do with the money. It might be the case that a bank account that only allows them so much per year is set up. But, there is a wide variety to choose from, and if none of these suit the winner, most banks will offer the set-up of a completely new bank account.

Lottery players often have a hard time deciding which bank their money should go in because there is no special bank for this. Winners just need to find the bank that best suits them, their needs and the size of their network.

Now that you have a better idea on what to do once you win, you need to play the lottery online so you can become a millionaire.

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