Meet the overseas players who won BIG with US Powerball

If you've only been playing the lotteries that are close to home, did you know that you can improve your odds by playing overseas games!

Take US Powerball for instance. US Powerball is potentially one of the biggest golden tickets in the world. It has had some truly historic grand prizes, including its biggest ever in January 2016 which had a jaw-dropping prize of $1.58 billion. The jackpot was shared between 3 lucky winners on American soil, but one of the subsidiary winners hailed from overseas.

With such incredible prizes to be won, it’s little wonder that the American game has garnered such interest overseas with players trying their luck all over South and Central America, Canada, Australia, Europe and of course the UK. If you want to throw your hat into this potentially prosperous ring and play the lottery online, you won’t be alone. There are several overseas players who have won big with US Powerball. Let's meet those winners today.

Meet the overseas players who won BIG with US Powerball

H.V. from El Salvador

While the lottery winner known only by his initials H.V. hails from El Salvador, he is no stranger to America. He has many grandchildren and even great-grandchildren, some of whom live in California.

However, the small pension upon which he and his wife subsisted was insufficient to permit him to travel to the states to see his great-grandchildren. In a bid to rectify this, H.V. played US Powerball and wound up pocketing a cool million dollars. More than enough to visit his overseas relatives. In fact, he was just a single number away from receiving a share of the $1.6 billion jackpot.

M.M. from Baghdad

US lotteries players hail from as far afield as Iraq, with a winner known only as M.M. scooping an incredible $6.4 million jackpot on Oregan’s Megabucks Lottery in the summer of 2015. The story garnered the attention of the American and international press with outlets like The New York Times, NBC and The Daily Mail reporting on the Iraqi player’s incredible good fortune. This was a very popular win and made people around the world realize that they could indeed play US Powerball and win!

Aura D. from Panama

Aura’s story is a true testament to the transformative power a lottery win can have on one’s life. Despite being retired, Aura still worked hard to provide for her family in Panama. A win on the Florida Lotto, however, ensured that she could finally enjoy the luxurious retirement that she deserved. After only playing for 2 months she was the sole winner of a $30 million jackpot.

No matter which lottery you have your eyes on when you play the lottery online, you could win it!

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