Powerball winner, Donald Coffman wasn't afraid to dream big

We should all be thankful to our parents for the love and support they show us throughout our lives, but Donald Coffman has another reason to be thankful to his father. When Donald’s dad told him to dream and play big, Donald took his parental advice and went out to buy a lottery ticket - the lottery ticket that made Donald Coffman a Powerball winner. Who knows whether that’s specifically what his dad meant, but they’ll be glad the advice was taken that way after what happened when the numbers were drawn.

Donald took home $2 million after playing Powerball in August 2018. He lives and works in Millington, Nashville and now has the money to make his dreams come true. If he hadn’t have had the confidence and belief in his ability to win, this would never have Powerball winner, Donald Coffman wasn't afraid to dream bighappened. It shows what difference a little encouragement and a strong word from your parents can do for you.

He chose to power play option and this is why Donald and his wife Joanna have $2 million to play with rather than $1 million, not that $1 million would be a sum to turn your nose up at! But the size of the jackpot will certainly give them more scope to live in the way they want to, especially as the couple have revealed that they’re planning to build their own house, complete with all of the things they’ve always dreamt of having in their home.

They purchased the lucky ticket at a Tobacco Superstore, and the couple has revealed that when they called up to check the ticket, the people at the store were even more ecstatic than they were. They were screaming and couldn’t believe that someone they had served won the lottery and hit the jackpot. When something like this happens in the local community, the excitement is shared and it makes the win even more important.

So maybe next time your parents tell you that you should aim higher and dream big in life, you should go out and buy yourself a lottery ticket like Donald Coffman did. It’s a decision that he won’t be regretting anytime soon. It’s more proof that your parents really do know what’s best for you.

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