The School for Millionaires: Euromillions Millionaire Academy

There is a school that many people aren’t aware of - but they should be. It’s the Euromillions Millionaire Academy and people who are new to the life of the wealthy need to know exactly how to spend their newfound riches and how to make the most of it. Well, an education in the best champagne and private jets sounds fun, right?

The School for Millionaires: Euromillions Millionaire AcademyThe Euromillions Millionaire Academy enrols only jackpot winners. Imagine heading to school to learn the best ways to spend millions of pounds and then imagine yourself in the seat. Well, if you play Euromillions online, you could be in with a chance of heading to the Academy yourself. Jackpot winners are taught about the potential problems that they could face alongside the best ways to snag a reservation at Nobu, so it’s not all doom and gloom and worry, either.

The good news about the Academy is that it isn’t a case of the blind leading the blind. The jackpot winners who are fortunate enough to land a place at this prestigious institution are taught to manage their money by millionaires; because who is better placed than they to advise on where to buy the best luxury vehicles?

The School for Millionaires: Euromillions Millionaire AcademyA Euromillions win may seem like a dream come true to most people, but others need more help dealing with their new wealth. Being swamped in millions can leave you to feel overwhelmed and unsure of where to begin when it comes to spending money, as the previous winner Jane Wyatt discovered. She imagined a Euromillions win would be a guarantee in her future, but she didn’t know when it would happen. She didn’t anticipate the requests coming from her sons for the latest and greatest in watches, cars and clothes. Luckily for her, though, Jane was offered a place at the Academy by the bosses in charge of the lottery. This not only gave her many opportunities beyond the biggest win of her life, but it gave her clarity about what to do next.

Jane’s participation at the Euromillions Millionaire Academy taught her how to manage her cash in the future without blowing a life-changing amount of cash in one go. Jane was one of the lucky ones, purchasing her lottery ticket as a last minute decision simply because she felt Lady Luck was smiling on her that day. Now? Now, Jane owns a huge house in Salford with her money and took her entire family on a cruise to celebrate turning 50.

You may have wondered what becomes of a winner when they hit the big time, and now you know. The Euromillions Millionaire Academy dedicates itself to guiding new winners to spend their new wealth in the smartest possible way that doesn’t allow them to fritter it away. The best things in life may not always be free, but they can be managed and spent with a smile and the right knowledge.

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