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5 Jackpot Winners not living in Lottery Groundhog Day

Traditionally, Groundhog Day is the day that the groundhog wakes up from hibernation on February 2nd. It was believed that if the groundhog saw its shadow after emerging from the burrow, then there would be six more weeks of winter. What started as a way to foresee the coming weather, quickly turned into a tradition honoured by many. While this might be the traditional meaning behind Groundhog Day, the infamous 1993 movie with the same name is what ultimately cemented the day into the minds of people around the world.

The Ultimate American Lottery Guide

Powerball and Mega Millions are two of America’s most popular lotteries. Millions of people play the lottery every week, and it’s thanks to the draw of the million dollar prizes. However, how does Powerball compare to Mega Millions, and what’s the best to play?

Play Powerball and sail away on your super-yacht!

Winning a huge jackpot, like that on Powerball, will undoubtedly give you the opportunity to buy anything you’ve ever wished for. A Powerball jackpot will also open up the horizon to new and exciting destinations around the world. While most of think of getting to a destination as soon as possible ie taking an airplane, we sometimes forget it’s about the journey, why not enjoy every second sailing on your very own superyacht! Think about, wide open spaces, fresh air, passengers you can handpick, amazing fresh seafood. No crying babies, small spaces, discomfort, long lines and horrible food.