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Is online lottery in India legal?

There is a lot of confusion when people read about gambling laws in India. Being such a vast country which comprises of many states, there are different laws in its various regions, and it can be a challenge to tell which rules apply to any given place. In most cases, it’s best to assume that lotteries are illegal across the whole country.

Remember the $768.4 million Powerball jackpot? Someone won it!

Are you one of those people who are reluctant to play the lottery, because you will never win? In your lifetime you can’t name a single friend or family member who has won more than a couple of dollars from their Powerball ticket. You go along with the system begrudgingly, but you know you will never be the lucky one. Truthfully, people DO win the lottery, so don’t rule it out altogether! Stick at it and keep choosing your numbers each week, because everything could turnaround for you overnight.

Honey I Won The Lottery

You’ve probably thought a lot about winning the lottery. Most players constantly think about what it would be like to win until the day they finally do. But have you thought about how you would break the news to your loved ones or your family?