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Wild Adventures for the Quirky Lottery Winner

It’s not every day that we get to experience the world in all of its glory, but if you’ve just won a huge lottery jackpot, then you’ve got all the money and time in the world to explore every corner of our beautiful planet. Here are some of the wildest adventures that money can buy.

Which Powerball Numbers Are Drawn Most Often?

If you want to increase your chances of winning Powerball, or any lottery for that matter, then it’s important to look at facts and statistics! For this specific article, we’re going to focus solely on Powerball and how you can drastically improve your chances of winning by looking at the numbers that are drawn most often, the cold numbers and also overdue numbers.

Which Online Lottery Is Best for Me?

When playing an online lottery, you have so many different options to choose from. There’s the legendary Mega Millions, there’s the European SuperEnaLotto, and there’s also the Australian Oz Powerball to play. With so many choices, it’s no wonder that people are resorting to out-of-the-box methods to pick what lottery they should be playing that day.

Is online lottery in India legal?

There is a lot of confusion when people read about gambling laws in India. Being such a vast country which comprises of many states, there are different laws in its various regions, and it can be a challenge to tell which rules apply to any given place. In most cases, it’s best to assume that lotteries are illegal across the whole country.